Who is behind?

Hi, my name is Kateryna and I'm a botanical artist. I'm also a graphic designer and a photographer. I live on the West Coast of Denmark - an open, wind-blown place with the North Atlantic in background.


As an artist

I have painted since I was a kid, as early as I can remember. With a head full of ideas, I'm driven by desire to express what I see around. For me, creation is a form of communication, a means to express the visions that captivate my thoughts.

In my paintings I try to capture the untold beauty that envelops our world. I paint with watercolor, acrylic and ink. And everything else, also with what I find in my kids pencil case.

In my spare time

Nature is a great source to my inspiration so I strive to spend as much time as possible with it. I also like to spend time cooking for my friends and family, listen to music, read as many books as possible and grow flowers in my garden.


Thanks for visiting.


Kindest regards,